Wedding Fireworks by YTM Fireworks

Fireworks have become an increasingly popular component at weddings over the past 10 years and we feel there is no better finale to your special day other than to stand under a skyline glittered with a romantic colour of explosions.

At YTM Fireworks we offer a wide range of products and services for those happy couples looking for that extra special touch to climax the day. Whether you are looking for some single ignition fireworks (single fused firework displays in one box) or want to go one step further and have a professional fireworks display for your guests YTM Fireworks can cater for all of your wedding fireworks needs.

Types of Wedding Fireworks

The great thing about choosing fireworks for weddings is that there is so much variety. You can create a bespoke fireworks display to suit your requirements, and at YTM Fireworks we have a range of products that can cater for all budgets - from small fireworks displays for lower end budgets to large professional displays for those who want something a bit more impressive for their wedding fireworks display.

Our retail fireworks ranges that can be found on our website and are also perfect for those who want cheap fireworks for their wedding fireworks display. We stock some of the most reputable brands of fireworks including Black Cat Fireworks, Absolute Fireworks and Bright Star Fireworks ensuring you have only the best quality fireworks for your display. When purchasing retail fireworks you have to bear in mind that a designated person to light the fireworks would need to be appointed. Ideally you would want to limit the amount of times that person would have to go back and forth lighting fireworks, so this is why we strongly recommend Single Ignition Display Units for your wedding fireworks displays.

Single Ignition Display Units are perfect for wedding fireworks as they only have one fuse and once lit provide you with your very own fireworks display. Single ignition displays come in all different sizes and varying durations - ranging from 30 seconds to up to as long as two minutes for the larger units. All have an assortment of effects and colours. If you decide retail fireworks are what you require for your wedding fireworks display then you can check out our range of single ignitions on our website.

If retail fireworks are not quite what you had in mind for your wedding fireworks display then you may want to consider hiring a professional fireworks team to come in and choreograph something a bit more extravagant for you. This however will cost you a lot more! Typically a basic professional fireworks display which lasts approximately five minutes will cost you around £800 - £1,000 but the effects are bigger and better than anything you can purchase online. For a ten minute display you will be looking at a cost that can vary between £2,000 - £5,000 depending on quality and content. Beware of cheap professional displays as you are not necessarily getting professional display fireworks.

The reason professional fireworks displays cost more than retail fireworks is because of the gunpowder content inside the fireworks. All professional fireworks are Category 4 which means they are illegal to sell and can only be used by trained people with a licence.

Although you may be paying more for a professional fireworks display you are without doubt getting an unrivalled display that you and your guests will not forget. So if you want a bespoke fireworks display for your wedding and have the budget to accommodate this then you are sure to have the perfect finale for your special day.

If you are interested in hiring the YTM Fireworks professional fireworks team to create a bespoke fireworks display for your wedding then feel free to contact our sales team to discuss in more detail. We can offer both cheaper retail wedding firework displays as well as professional CAT. 4 Pyrotechnics.