How To Buy Fireworks

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To find the perfect fireworks for your display use the fireworks catalogue filteron the left hand side of the website. The fireworks filter will help you narrow down exactly what you require, making your fireworks shopping experience at YTM Fireworks a pleasurable one.

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  • Buying Fireworks for Beginners - Having a party seems like fun, but often comes with a lot of organising. Generally, people focus on the obvious being the venue, the theme, the decorations and also food and drink. What distinguish a good celebration from a memorable one is the surprising extras. In short the entertainment! At YTM Fireworks we can help cater for both indoor and outdoor party events. Our range of indoor fireworks and also outdoor fireworks will help you add that exclamation mark to any event.
  • Caution Is Required - Whether you find cheap fireworks or really expensive ones, fireworks for sale can be found almost everywhere. Whether you buy fireworks from a retail fireworks shop or purchase fireworks online make sure they are legal and conform to British Safety Standards or European Safety Standards. If this is the first time that you are going to buy fireworks, we are happy to help and give the correct advice. Below is some information which helps to know when it comes to evaluating the different fireworks for sale.
  • Types of Fireworks - Once you have decided to plunge into the world of fireworks, it is time to identify which of these will truly fit your celebration. As a starting point, you can browse our online fireworks shop to give you a brief summary of what you can use. Generally, there are two types of fireworks, both outdoor fireworks and indoor fireworks. Common examples of fireworks for sale that can be used indoors are referred to as ice fountains or birthday cake fountains. These are similar to your traditional outdoor sparkler and are ideal and safe for indoor use. You can also buy fireworks for outdoor use such as selection boxes, rockets and display shot cakes. Our pyrotechnic product range varies from the simple and straightforward to the sophisticated and extravagant. Prices will differ, there are cheap fireworks if you're on a budget and there are costly fireworks if you're a big spender. Whilst there are many online fireworks stores which offer discounts and promotions, we advise that you buy sensibly and follow The Firework Code at all times.
  • Safety - Handling fireworks requires extreme caution. First, only buy fireworks from reliable resources. Those who are going to purchase fireworks online, especially from unfamiliar distributors, should do so with caution. Research due diligence is paramount. Cheap fireworks don't necessarily mean they are unsafe, but make sure that the cheap fireworks you are buying are manufactured to all required safety standards, both British and European. Read all packaging carefully before use and adhere to all storage and safety requirements. If you are planning on putting on a pyrotechnic display, we advise that you seek the expertise of firework professionals. Doing so will not only ensure your safety but also the safety of your guests.
  • Fireworks Displays - For those who are complete novices, a great idea is to attend public fireworks displays. Often some of the top firework sellers in the UK gather to promote their products. Whether in your local area or further afield these gatherings are great for all the family. Organised Bonfire Nights tend to take place in England regularly and likewise the yearly New Year's Firework Display at the London Eye is an organised firework event not to be missed. The British Fireworks Championships and the British Musical Fireworks Championships are other events throughout the UK calendar.