Firecrackers for sale

What is a Firecracker?

Firecrackers may be small in size, but they pack a loud bang. Technically, a firecracker is a small explosive designed to let off a bang when ignited.

Known in some parts of the world as crackers, noise makers or bangers, firecrackers are made by wrapping an explosive chemical compound in a heavy paper casing and inserting a fuse. Originally firecrackers got their 'bang' from gunpowder (also known as black powder).This compound of gunpowder was constructed from sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate to give the explosives a basic flash and blast. However, a new chemical formula has been developed and firecracker manufacturers finally gave way to the more modern flash powder which uses potassium perchlorate, aluminium powder and sometimes sulphur to create a louder pop and brighter light. Some brands advertise that their firecracker products provide an extra kick with titanium for an even whiter flash and bigger bang.

You can buy firecrackers in a range of different formats to suit your needs. Often the fuses are braided together and the resulting strings are sold in packs ranging from small sizes of 4 to 6 firecrackers (referred to as penny packs) to larger packs containing up to a 120 or more firecrackers. For the real firecracker enthusiasts you can buy belts of firecrackers starting

You can buy firecrackers in a range of different formats to suit your needs. Often the fuses are braided together and the resulting strings are sold in packs ranging from small sizes of 4 to 6 firecrackers (referred to as penny packs) to larger packs containing up to a 120 or more firecrackers. For the real firecracker enthusiasts you can buy belts of firecrackers starting from 1000 up to 4000 which would definitely last you a while, but remember.....not in the UK!

Firecrackers, despite their aggressiveness, are considered 'entry level fireworks'. Today, the laws about selling, buying and using firecrackers and other fireworks varies widely depending on the country, state, county or other jurisdiction a person lives in. It is always common sense for your personal safety and the well-being of others to always buy firecrackers under the guidelines of the law. There must always be an adult supervising whenever fireworks are being ignited.

Generally everyone remembers the firecrackers of old. Unfortunately they are no longer a legal product in the UK. Firecrackers are those deceivingly small but not so quiet fireworks that are no bigger than your little finger but pack a loud bang. Technically, firecrackers are small explosives designed with one main goal in mind - making large amounts of noise.

Firecrackers were invented in China many years ago. The early versions were simply pieces of bamboo that would pop and crackle when thrown in a fire and were used to scare away evil spirits. Today firecrackers are used primarily for entertainment purposes and general amusement. Whether you plan to light these little dynamite sticks in your back garden or listen for them at a large fireworks show, you’ll need to know where to buy firecrackers.

As mentioned previously firecrackers have been illegal in the UK since 1997 so any shops or websites selling this product are doing so illegally. You can however buy firecrackers from outside of the UK with China being a popular country for them. A few states in the US have made every type of consumer fireworks illegal so this no doubt poses a problem when you want to buy firecrackers from the USA. Today, about twenty states only allow lower-level fireworks or those less explosive items that are viewed as firework novelties. 21 states including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming and Pennsylvania permit consumers to buy firecrackers. If you are looking to buy firecrackers, check out the rules and regulations of purchasing and importing these types of products to your location.

Usually temporary firework stands or big firework warehouses sell pyrotechnic items to the general public, these forms of retail stores can usually be found around certain times of the year often just a few days or a week before the 4th of July (in the USA), Guy Fawkes night (UK) and New Year’s Eve.

Firecrackers for Sale

There are a number of companies all over the world that have firecrackers for sale, although there are different laws for manufacturing, storing and selling of firecrackers in various different countries. A firecracker also known as, crackers, noise makers or bangers are the tiny dynamite shaped explosives that eject a flash of light and a loud bang when lit.

Since 1997, firecrackers have been made illegal are not allowed to be sold in the United Kingdom, however all types of other fireworks are legal. Any shops or companies selling firecrackers are doing so illegally so it is also worth noting that if they stock other types of fireworks then they may be of a low quality and potentially illegal too.

If you are unsure of the laws and regulations of firecrackers in your country or location then below is the latest updated version of firecracker laws around the world to help you.

Legality of firecrackers

Firecrackers for sale around the world, as well as other types of explosive products, are a part of a group that has differing laws in many countries. Although firecrackers themselves are not usually considered an illegal product, it is usually the manufacture, sale, storage and use of firecrackers that are subject to laws; safety requirements for manufacture, the requirement of a permit to sell or store or restrictions on the use of firecrackers for instance.

The use of firecrackers, although a traditional part of celebration in some countries, has over the years led to many injuries. There have been incidents every year of users losing body parts, being blinded, or suffering other injuries, especially during celebrations that customarily involve firecrackers such as Chinese New Year. Hence, many governments and authoritarians have enforced laws completely banning the sale or use of firecrackers because of these safety issues.

  • United Kingdom - In 1997, firecrackers became illegal but most other consumer fireworks are still legal
  • United States - In 2007, New York City lifted its 10 year ban on firecrackers, allowing a display of 300,000 traditional firecrackers to be set off in Chinatown's Chatham Square. Furthermore, under the supervision of the fire and police departments, Los Angeles regularly lights firecrackers every New Year's Eve
  • Australia - With the exception of its capital city and the Northern Territory, does not permit the use of fireworks, except by a licensed pyrotechnician or pyrotechnics company. These rules also require a permit from local government as well as any relevant local bodies such as maritime or aviation authorities
  • Canada -Banned firecrackers on September 27, 1972 after it came out in the media that two children were killed and three others severely burned when some older children were playing with firecrackers outside their tent. Importation, possession, transportation, storage or manufacturing is completely illegal in Canada. Fireworks however are still legal to buy provided you are over the age of 18
  • Mainland China - Since 2008, most areas in mainland China permit firecrackers. However, many urban areas banned them in the 1990s. For example, they were banned in Beijing's urban districts from 1993 to 2005
  • Hong Kong - Fireworks are banned for security reasons and some speculate that is because there is a connection between firework use and the 1967 Leftist Riot. However, the government would stage a fireworks display in Victoria Harbour on the second day of the Chinese New Year. Similar displays are also held in many other cities in and outside China
  • Indonesia - Firecrackers and fireworks are completely forbidden in public during the Chinese New Year, especially in areas with significant non-Chinese population to avoid conflict between the two. However, there were some exceptions. The usage of firecrackers is legal in some metropolitan areas such as Jakarta and Medan, where the degree of racial and cultural tolerance is higher
  • Singapore - A partial ban on firecrackers was imposed in March 1970 after a fire killed six people and injured 68. This was extended to a total ban in August 1972, after an explosion that killed two people and an attack on two police officers attempting to stop a group from letting off firecrackers in February 1972. However, in 2003 the government made an exception and allowed firecrackers to be set off during the festive season. At the Chinese New Year light-up in Chinatown, at the stroke of midnight on the first day of the Lunar New Year, firecrackers are set off under controlled conditions by the Singapore Tourism Board
  • Malaysia - Firecrackers are banned for similar reasons as in Singapore
  • Philippines - Fireworks and firecrackers are widely available throughout the Philippines, but are banned in Olongapo City and Davao City
  • Italy - Firecrackers in Italy are legal and can be bought without a licence or permit.
  • Norway - The government of Norway decided to ban rockets in 2009. Other types of fireworks are still legal
  • Republic of Ireland - Fireworks and firecrackers are not permitted in the Republic of Ireland however many people transport them from Northern Ireland where they are legal. They are most common around Halloween
  • Sweden - Only rocket type fireworks are allowed in Sweden. The ban of firecrackers was enforced by the EU Parliament and Swedish government in December 2001
  • Taiwan - Beginning 2008, firecrackers were banned in urban areas, but are still allowed in rural areas