Firework Types

With so many different styles available, trying to buy fireworks online can be confusing if you don't know the terminology. Our simple glossary of firework types will tell you all you need to know, when buying fireworks online.

  • Fountain - A fantastic ground effect firework which emits showers of crackling, glitter sparks and light effects. The traditional fountains were usually conical shaped but more recently fountains are cylindrical
  • Mine - A spectacular explosion of colour and effects, starting with a ground level fountain which builds up to a sudden, unexpected burst of aerial plumes and stars
  • Rocket - A very popular aerial firework which thrusts into the sky leaving a trail of stars and finishing with a delightful burst - one of the most iconic, well known types of firework
  • Shot Tube - Shot tubes are single shot roman candles that create big starbursts and crackles with a glittering tail - an exciting new firework which can be used as an alternative to rockets
  • Shot Cake - A shot cake is effectively a group of multi shot roman candles fused together making a firework eject effects in a rapid sequence – creating a vibrant aerial firework display by simply lighting one fuse
  • Selection Box - As the name suggests the box contains a variety of the above items, please see individual packaging and firework product pages for details
  • Single Ignition Display - A very large display cake, producing massive aerial bursts, a choreographed barrage of light and sound, often lasting for several minutes – light this once, step back and enjoy your own exciting firework display!
  • Roman Candle - This firework shoots out a brilliant array of stars, coloured balls, bangs and flashes