Firework Categories

Category 1

Usually given to indoor fireworks. This category refers to fireworks which pose a minimal hazard.

Category 2

Also known as garden fireworks, these products require the smallest distance which is 5 metres if the firework is classified to British Standards. An increasing number of fireworks to be manufactured in the coming years may be classified to new EU/EN standards and the safety distance which is 8 metres.

Category 3

Also known as display fireworks, require the greatest distance which is 25 metres for fireworks classified to British Standards. Again, in coming years you may see a number of fireworks classified to the new EU/EN standards and although the firework will still be Category 3 it may have a different safety distance requirements, for example 15 metres.

Category 4

Fireworks are for professional use only. These can include aerial shells and other items banned for sale to the public. Many category 4 fireworks are supplied without a fuse and are extremely dangerous to the untrained.