Product Features Summary

Firework Safety Distance

Remember to always treat fireworks with care. They may be fun and exciting but never forget that they are explosives. This should not put you off using them as when handled correctly they provide that extra touch to any party celebration.

There are three types of fire available to the general retail public – CAT.1, CAT.2 and CAT.3. These category of fireworks are described further below.

Firework Duration

Many consumers often ask the question.....”how long will my display last for?” To help answer your questions all our products indicate time duration of display.

Firework Categories

Firework Classification

Fireworks are classified for both storage and transportation purposes. Retail consumer fireworks are classified for transportation as either 1.4S or 1.4G. 1.4S can be transported by road, train, sea or air freight, whilst 1.4G can NOT be transported by air.

In terms of storage requirements for consumers, the limits for storing fireworks at home without storage registrations are:

Firework Noise Level

Fireworks can frighten both people and animals. The elderly and children in particular are often scared and intimidated by firework noise. Fireworks are explosives and similarly for animals, the impact of loud noise can also be severe. Disturbing domestic pets can be harmful too. Our fireworks are summarised by noise level with a figure between 1 and 5. One being the quietest and 5 being the most loudest

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to create firework explosions without an element of noise. After all the fireworks need to ignite and explode to provide the beautiful displays they are known for. At YTM Fireworks we aim to cater for all requirements.